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UX London 2024

June 18th, 19th and 20th

Join us at CodeNode London for a three-day conference covering all aspects of the design process from user research and product design through to DesignOps and design systems.

Mansi Gupta on stage at UX London.

Day one: UX Research

Tuesday, June 18th will focus on user research featuring talks and workshops from Emma Boulton, Luke Hay, Aleks Melnikova, Clarissa Gardner, Serena Verdenicci and Rama Gheerawo.

Day two: Product Design

Wednesday, June 19th will focus on product design featuring talks and workshops from Harry Brignull, Tom Kerwin, Tshili Ndou, Ben Sauer, Wioleta Maj, John V Willshire and Matt Webb.

Day three: Design Systems

Thursday, June 20th will focus on DesignOps and design systems featuring talks and workshops from Brad Frost, Alicia Calderón, Benaz Irani, Peter Boersma, Stéphanie Walter and Maggie Appleton.

You can buy individual day tickets but for the best value and the full experience, get a ticket for all three days!

Stacey Mendez speaking on stage at UX London.
Aleks Melnikova leading a workshop at UX London.

Each day features a morning packed with inspiring talks followed by an afternoon of practical hands-on workshops. It’s the perfect blend!

Whether you’re a product designer, researcher, content writer, design engineer, or project manager, UX London is for you.

Workshop attendees gathered at a table getting hands-on instruction from Amy Hupe.


You’ll hear from fantastic speakers! Here are just a few…

Speakers in previous years include David Dylan Thomas, Vitaly Friedman, Candi Williams, Don Norman, Alan Cooper, Christina Wodtke, Erika Hall, Jared Spool, Peter Morville, Margot Bloomstein, Abby Covert, Peter Merholz, Karen McGrane, Kim Goodwin, Luke Wroblewski, Jeff Gothelf, Kristina Halvorson, and more.

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