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Wioleta Maj

Principal Product Designer, Delivery Hero

A profile of a woman outdoors with her hair tied back and glasses on her head as she looks into the distance.

About Wioleta Maj

With over a decade of experience as a Designer and Design Manager, Wioleta is currently working on complex and unique user problems as a Principal Product Designer at Delivery Hero. In her career, she has overseen design practices in both corporations and early-stage startups, focusing on running product and design discoveries, refining design processes, and mentoring designers.

Wioleta is an avid traveler, enjoys crafts, and recently learned about construction while renovating her house. She believes that firsthand experiences are paramount for learning—a principle she applies daily in her job.

Understanding the impact of design choices

“This feature is for all of our users” - Designers might have heard this sentence when talking to their Product counterparts. While this statement may hold true in theory, in practice, most features or products are tailored for specific types of people.

The way humans perceive design is influenced by a number of factors. By identifying these, we can more easily determine who we are creating our designs for (and who we are not).

In this talk we will:

  • Notice design choices that inadvertently exclude certain people.
  • Look at how to craft designs with intention and for distinct groups.
  • Understand factors that influence user perception and interaction.
  • Explore UI & UX elements that deserve a greater level of scrutiny.

Let’s reawaken our empathy, driving us to create designs that enrich our users’ experiences.

Wioleta is speaking on day two, June 19th

Day two focuses on Product Design.