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Stéphanie Walter

UX Researcher & Inclusive Designer, Consultant

Close up of a smiling light-skinned woman wearing glasses with long red hair.

About Stéphanie Walter

Stéphanie is a User Researcher and Inclusive Designer who focuses on building user-centered, inclusive and accessible products and services. She spent the last 10+ years helping her clients deliver successful projects in different industries (bank, finance, automotive, academics, healthcare, press, travel, etc.)

She likes to share her passion for her UX work all around the world. She has taken this beyond her successful blog, conferences and workshops. She discusses a wide range of topics, including mobile UX, enterprise UX, cognitive biases, inclusive design, design process and designer - developer relationship. You can follow her on social media for qualitative curated UX design content.

Stéphanie is giving a workshop on day one, June 18th

Day one focuses on UX Research.

Stéphanie is giving the workshop again on day three, June 20th

Day three focuses on Design Ops and Design Systems.