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Harry Brignull

Consumer Rights Advocate, Testimonium Ltd.

A short-haired white man with a chiselled jaw tilts his head to one side and looks dreamily out from in front of green foliage.

About Harry Brignull

Since 2010, Dr Harry Brignull has dedicated his career to understanding and exposing the manipulative and deceptive techniques that are employed to exploit users online. He is credited with coining a number of the terms that are now popularly used in this area and is the founder of the website deceptive.design.

He has recently published the book Deceptive Patterns, available from Amazon and most good book stores:

“Step into the shadowy world of deceptive patterns and learn how online businesses exploit consumers through carefully designed tricks and traps. In this eye-opening book, Harry Brignull unveils how these techniques work and why they’re used, naming and shaming many well-known brands along the way. Regulations are changing rapidly, and we're seeing a big rise in legal enforcement. But is it enough to protect consumers?”

Do Not Pass Go

Harry Brignull delves into the pressing issue of ethical and legal accountability within the UX and tech industry.

This talk sheds light on the industry's struggle with self-regulation of harmful design patterns and its failure to mature in the face of growing legal and societal expectations.

Harry is speaking on day two, June 19th

Day two focuses on Product Design.