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John V Willshire

Strategic Designer, Smithery

A fairskinned man with short hair indoors illuminated by natural light.

About John V Willshire

John set up Smithery, an independent Strategic Design Practice, in 2011 to help clients make things people want, rather than make people want things. This practice has grown to help organisations take an active role in shaping their futures as they look out over an uncertain landscape.

This involves learning to perceive and understand new realities, sparking appropriate internal innovation, and acting on these instincts to make real change. John’s work is informed by a wide range of different fields, including systemic sensibilities, futures thinking, innovation frameworks, and information design. This combination helps clients think broader, for longer.

Recent projects include developing a Future Trends and Signals System for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), scouting the emerging Climate and Health intersection for Wellcome Trust, and setting a strategic framework for building capabilities for Unilever.

John also leads the Innovation and Future Thinking summer course at IED Barcelona, which this summer celebrates its tenth anniversary.

John is speaking on day two, June 19th

Day two focuses on Product Design.