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Emma Boulton

User Research Leader

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About Emma Boulton

Emma Boulton is a User Research Leader based near Cardiff in the UK. She honed her craft leading research as a practitioner in a variety of companies, most notably the BBC and Monotype. In recent years she has focused solely on supporting other researchers as a senior leader at Meta and Babylon Health. Emma is a well known contributor to the UX community. She was a Board member for the Research Ops community and is most well known for her article on the Eight Pillars of User Research. You can find her written reflections on Research and Research Ops on her website and Medium.

Meeting Product where they are:
Why we need a Knowledge Management Strategy

You may have read some of the ‘hot takes’ written in the last year that the UX Research discipline is dying and been tempted to hang up your hat and go and find something else to do…but don’t despair just yet! Research isn’t dying, it’s just that organisations are moving too fast and drowning in research and insights that they don’t know what to do with.

In her talk, Emma will help you see that by thinking like a Content Strategist we can define a Knowledge Management strategy for our organisations and give our teams a framework to build on. Borrowing from Information Architecture and Content Strategy, she will introduce ideas and resources that can help elevate UX Researchers to take their place at the table again.

Emma is speaking on day one, June 18th

Day one focuses on UX Research.