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Tshili Ndou

UX Product Designer

The smiling face of a young black woman with straight shoulder-length dark hair and glasses against a light background.

About Tshili Ndou

Tshili Ndou is a Lead UX designer and content creator. She is a multi-disciplinary designer solving complex problems that lead to building intuitive products and creating great experiences for users. She has 10 years of experience as a designer, and has worked for companies such as Meta and Shell. She produces content to share her knowledge and help others get into UX Design and tech.

Validating features:
Create high value products and avoid wasting money

The importance of user testing to ensure a feature is ready for use is wildly known, however alot of teams skip validation testing, which results in alot of wasted time and money when a feature is not well adopted. This is an exploration of to know if your creating the right features for your product.

Tshili is speaking on day two, June 19th

Day two focuses on Product Design.