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Alicia Calderón

Design Strategy Lead, Miyagami

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About Alicia Calderón

With a background in product design and strategy, Alicia leads Design Strategy at Amsterdam’s Miyagami software agency. Before working on digital products, she focused on researching design capacity-building and the role of design in innovation processes. As part of her current role, she works closely with the design and development teams at Miyagami to build their shared knowledge and collaboration practices.

Unlocking collaboration:
A framework for developers and designers

For all the differences that developers and designers may have, one thing is clear – we need each other to build great UIs. Still, working together can at times feel more like a burden than an effective partnership. If this sounds familiar, and you are ready to improve the relationship with your team's 'other half', join me in exploring what it takes to ensure designer-developer alignment.

In this talk, I will introduce a collaboration framework that ranges from practical advice to the long-term culture changes that need to happen at the operational level. We'll cover software tools for collaboration and translations, team rituals that ensure a shared process, and the skills and mindset needed to create lasting alignment.

While we may not fix all designer-developer relationships in a single talk, we'll definitely give it our best shot!

Alicia is speaking on day three, June 20th

Day three focuses on Design Ops and Design Systems.