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Luke Hay

Senior UX Researcher, Clearleft

A white man with short hair and a bit of a ginger beard with a twinkle in his eye, wearing a plaid shirt.

About Luke Hay

Luke is a UX consultant with over 20 years experience across UX and user research. He combines qualitative and quantitative research techniques to get a rounded picture of user experience. This often means looking at website analytics data such as Google Analytics, alongside plenty of qualitative user research (i.e. talking to users).

In 2018 Luke wrote a book about how to use your analytics data to inform your UX decisions. The book, Researching UX: Analytics, aims to help demystify analytics data for those working in UX and user research.Luke has run a wide range of user research projects for a variety of different clients.

Over the past few years he has facilitated various forms of user research with people from various backgrounds – from teenagers to pensioners, dress-makers to body builders over the course of a few hundred user research sessions. As well as getting stuck into research Luke also runs training in UX and analytics. He has also spoken at conferences and events on a variety of UX related topics.

Always a keen advocate for UX, Luke is involved in organising various local UX events and programmes in Brighton – including UX Camp, UXup and the UX Brighton Mentorship programme.

Bridging the gap between Research and Design

In this workshop, we’ll be exploring how designers and researchers can work better together.

Researchers spend time and effort to understand users and their needs. They then share their findings with designers, who then create solutions that meet those needs. For various reasons though, the finer details can fall through the gap between research taking place and the designs being released into the wild.

This workshop will deliver findings from in-depth research into the current ‘gap’ between design and research. It will go on to give practical steps that designers and researchers can take to ensure they are working as a seamless team to deliver exceptional experiences for their users.

Luke is giving this workshop on day one, June 18th

Day one focuses on UX Research.

Luke is giving the workshop again on day three, June 20th

Day three focuses on DesignOps and Design Systems.