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Kara Kane

Head of Profession for Design, Government Digital Service

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About Kara Kane

Kara Kane is a designer and community builder whose expertise is in building design culture in large scale organisations. She managed the UK’s user-centred design community and co-founded the International Design in Government community bringing together design-minded public servants from over 70 countries.

Now she is the Head of Profession for Design at the Government Digital Service.

Why your UX design building blocks need to be underpinned by standards

We have design ops 'building blocks’ that enable our design teams such as shared practices and methods, onboarding, career development, and communities of practice.

But often what’s lacking are standards. It’s hard to build fast, collaborate, or make decisions if there is no shared agreement on what good looks like or what’s expected.

Shared practices and methods are not enough—you need standards such as service standards, style guides, career frameworks, to enable efficiency, consistency and better quality.

And yes, standards need to be developed in a user-centred way with regular iteration.

In this talk, Kara will share lessons learned from designing with and without standards across the public and private sectors.

She’ll share:

  • How standards can enable adoption and contribution to design systems.
  • Ideas for what to do when standards don’t exist in your team.
  • How standards are a way for design to ‘get a seat at the table’.

Kara is speaking on day three, June 20th

Day three focuses on Design Ops and Design Systems.